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DPipertwins are in business to give back. They take pride in being able to use their talent to help and uplift others. Since 2009 DPipertwins have helped several organizations and funded projects from New York to Ghana. The DPipertwins have done charity fashion shows for SYNC(Sickle cell Anemia), New Life Orphanage home in Ghana and Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. In April of  2014 they traveled back home to Ghana and as their birthday gift to themselves, they took a portion of their sales made and surprised the children at New Life Orphanage home with toys, clothes and school supplies. They also returned back to Ghana in January 2015, where they spent their New Year surprising the children at Amoamang Village with a holiday party and gifts, In addition to April of 2016, where they also threw a huge celebration with the familes in the village. With every project that they take upon it touches their heart but the Amoamang surprise really hit home for them because it was a place that their grandmother called home, although she was not from there. She lived to take care of the children and bring joy to the families there. Over five years ago their grandmother passed at the age of 100. The DPipertwins traveled to the Village to continue to bring joy and happiness into the families there like she did. With every sale made, the DPipertwins will continue on their journey to help many organizations world wide and bring happiness into people lives.

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